I want to talk about formula feeding

I do.

I don’t often because I just don’t use formula anymore. Jasper is nearly two and past the age were he actually *needs* milk so if I’m not around for him to suck at he does without. He never took it anyway, little blighter.

I left him for a night when he was about 6 months old and he went on strike, I pegged it back from Bristol feeling like the worlds worst mother that had left her baby to starve.

Anyway, I want to talk about formula because I have recently seen an influx of posts from fellow bloggers regarding formula feeding. In particular the advertising of it and its presence in the media.

We all know formula feeding from birth cannot be advertised, so  they advertise follow on milk instead in the mainstream. This has led people to believe there is more support, more advice and more acceptance if you choose to formula feed.

I’m all for people expressing opinions but BULLSHIT.

It’s just not the case. If you choose to formula feed the midwife pretty much washes her hands of you. They can’t advise on that, they can only support your decision.

It’s not able to be advertised in the media, so where they hell do formula feeders get their advice from?

I mean sound advice, not mum to mum tips. I know I wouldn’t know where to look.

When I chose..

Yes I chose to formula feed Pepper and Cherry, my milk was there, flowing like a cloudy slightly yellow tinged river, and I thought sod this for a game of soldiers, where’s the bottles?…

…I chose to formula feed my girls the midwife very helpfully asked me, first time Mum struggling to work out the arse end of her baby, what milk I’d like. I asked her ‘What do you think?’.. ‘Oh, no we can’t advise on formula I’m sorry’.. Hands washed, get on with it, our help is reserved for people who are doing the best for their babies, please fumble along as best you can on your own.

That’s the way it felt.

How did I know the correct way to prepare it, what bottle should I have been using, how long could it be stored for..

All these things I could have been told but no, sorry, work it out for yourself.

So we do.


There is no help and their is no support for formula feeding Mums.

I have never been invited to a formula feeding group. I am yet to find the hashtags on social media or the Mama merch celebrating it.

If you choose to only celebrate and support breastfeeding that is completely your decision, but you cannot kid yourself and you certainly cannot kid me that it’s because there is enough support for formula feeders.

I am a huge breastfeeding supporter, I talk about it a fair amount.

I’m also a huge formula feeding supporter.

But I, along with a lot of other people, don’t talk about it enough.


Nat Halfpenny

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  1. My first daughter was breastfed for 8 or 9 weeks, then it started hurting too much so we switched to bottle feeding and she took to it straight away. Our youngest daughter had to be bottle fed from birth, she was in SCBU, I wanted to breast feed her too, but instead I was told that anything I pumped would be given to other babies as our daughter needed milk immediately. When we took her home from SCBU she was 3 days old, I tried to breastfeed her but it was no good, she had no interest, she just wanted her bottle. At the time my midwife and health visitor were incredibly supportive, even telling me the benefits of each brand of formula to use. With our eldest, However there was another new mum on the ward who wanted to use formula immediately, her midwife literally forced her to breastfeed, it was horrible to hear this midwife belittling this new mum to The extent that she had no choice but to breastfeed her baby. Now my girls are 17&13. They both excell at school and are both on the gifted and talented program. I believe that it’s entirely up to the mother how she feeds her baby, each child is an individual. I know that I was starting to resent feeding our oldest, because of the pain, and I didn’t want that. Putting her on formula was definitely the right decision for us, and I’m so glad my health visiter agreed with me. Being a parent is hard enough, it’s sad that midwives and health visitors can no longer advise about formula’s etc. I firmly believe that whatever way a new mum decides how to feed her baby is the right decision for her.

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