Jasper at 10 months.

I’m just re-reading my title… Say What?!


How is my helpless tiny baby 10 months old!

I know we all say it but time is flying.

I can still feel his tiny, bird like arms and legs just seconds old in my shaking hands.

Now I often wonder would it be more practical for him to carry me around, his energetic, vibrant body springs away from me should I loosen my grip. He’s eager to get out there and of course I have to let him.

It’s amazing to see him grow into a cheeky little boy and this month has been his biggest leap yet.

Everyday he surprises me with something and is proud as punch of himself every time.

So at 10 months Jasper is…


Anything he can get his hands on! We have discovered the Organix fruit ┬árice cakes and I think he could eat a pack of those. He is also very keen on meat which is odd to me but boy knows what he wants. I can’t think of anything I would say he doesn’t like. So far he is really enjoying his food. Jasper is still breastfed on demand, I’d say usually about 5 times a day. More if he is ill or struggling to nap. Night feeds we are still at least 3 a night, again more if he is unwell.




Jasper wears size 12-18 months across the board unless we are shopping at Zara (which we often are!) then he is 18-24. I wrote about a change in the way I dress him now and I am starting to buy more leggings and t-shirts etc rather than the rompers he has lived in so far. At the moment I am coveting this denim coat from Zara, I have everything crossed they re-stock soon!



This month we had to move on from our┬ápocket nappy bubble. Jasper has been fine in pocket nappies with microfibre inserts this far, which I’m told is unusual as they aren’t the best at holding liquid for long. I have used both Baba and Boo pocket nappies and the Little Bloom brand bought from Amazon and even at night they had been doing just fine except in exceptional circumstances. However we admitted defeat after 4 mornings of soaked PJ’s and sleeping bag. He expanded overnight! So we are now using the Close Parent pop in nappies at night, with the night time booster. They are amazing! If I was so inclined I think they would last 12 hours+. I may move onto them full time as Jasper grows.


It’s getting better. That’s something. He goes to bed between 7 and 9PM pretty happily. I lie with him on my bed until he is away them move him into his cot. He will then sleep 3-4 hours so that’s fab. He will wake between 11 and 1 and have a feed then off to sleep again for 2-3 hours at which point he struggles to get back into a good, deep sleep. He feeds then every 20-30 minutes until 6 or 7 when he is up for the day. Not all bad, nap wise he tends to have one, 1 hour nap either late morning or early afternoon. I’m pushing for him to nap early afternoon in his cot, sometimes I’m successful but still mostly naps in my arms.

On the move

Jasper now is sitting, crawling, pulling himself to standing and cruising furniture. He has been trying out independent standing this week and can do that for about 5 seconds before he gets giddy and throws himself backwards. He can also climb the stairs if you have a spare hour.


First words

Jasper can say Hiya which is self explanatory and he can say OUT! He says this every time he sees the dog…oops! In my defense he is very rough with her so most of the time I need her away from him for her own protection. She isn’t his biggest fan yet he is fascinated by her.

Party tricks

Jasper can clap, wave hello and goodbye, loves a dance, master at peek-a-boo and great at answering phone calls.


I wish I had started these updates earlier but better late than never!

What things has your little one learnt this month?




Nat Halfpenny


  1. Lovely update, he is doing so well!
    Aria can say hiya too, she has been waving and saying hiya for a while but lately it is her favourite thing EVER to do, every time I walk in the room she waves and says hiya bless!
    I love reading updates of these babies who are so similar in age to mine, it is interesting to see how different they develop!


    • It is interesting isn’t it! They learn things at such different rates but then it all comes together at some point and they are a walking, talking child, far too quickly I feel! Thanks for reading

  2. He looks so happy and smiley! My youngest is seven months so it’s really interesting reading about babies just a few months ahead of him. Lovely to read about another cloth bum too! You’ve done really well to manage with pockets until now – especially overnight! #whatmykiddid

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