What I know about weaning. (The rest ain’t worth knowing)

I am currently ‘weaning’ my fourth little munchkin.
At 8 months old Jasper has got a firm grasp on the concept (except avocado, when it comes to avocado his grasp is crap)


Now I’ll admit when it came to teaching my eldest all about the fun of food, I was a rookie. I was eager and I was excited to get going.

I bought butternut squash, tiny little bags of special baby pasta and tried my hand at making porridge fingers. (I know, I know, like I say I was eager)

They ate things then that they would never have the opportunity to eat now. It saddens me to say I wasted more than one afternoon in the kitchen concocting ‘Recipes for BLW’ when I could have been enjoying my fast growing girls, or even better napping when they napped.

Now I know the ropes. In fact I make the ropes, the ropes and me are so familiar at this point I may actually be the ropes.

There’s a few things you need to be aware of when it comes to the golden rules;

Don’t give them water
Don’t let them in bright light
And NEVER feed them after midnight.

OH NO! Cripes that’s not babies that’s Mogwai. Easily confused.

The rules are basically, keep your eye on salt and sugar. Especially salt,lots of jars and seemingly innocent foods have a huge amount of salt in. No honey until they are one is a biggie because of the risk of botulism. I do see some people questioning this on social media but as far as I’m aware it is still recommended by The food standards agency etc.

And to be honest that is basically my lot. Other than that I am very easy going on the foods he eats.


I always serve meals straight onto his highchair tray. If you put them on a plate there’s one place its going and that’s flinging across the room. Also J tends to eat a lot of┬ámeals naked. As do I.

At this age I have no routine for his food. Or any routine at all actually but that’s by the by.
If he is napping and misses a meal then he misses it. Sometimes I’m super lazy and just don’t want to go through the hour long ritual so he will often skip meals because of this. I do believe at this age milk is all they need, the rest is just practice.

I’m probably setting him up for a life of ridiculous eating habits where one day he will have three meals and snacks and the next not a morsel will pass his lips.


Mind you I did the same with the girls and they have no problems consuming all the food.

So that’s my experience of weaning.
There are lots of other, in depth, articles you can read about the various different approaches and I’m sure they will be a lot more helpful to a rookie standing in the kitchen with a butternut squash, 97 sweet potatoes and a blender. If however you can’t be arsed climbing up the shelves to fetch the blender* then whichever way you do it will be just fine, as I say there really isn’t much to it.

*hahaha me pretending I have a luxury kitchen item such as a blender waiting dutifully at the top of some imaginary shelves in my kitchen. What I meant to say is if you can’t be bothered to buy a blender from Argos.

Nat Halfpenny

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  1. I’ve just started weaning my youngest and I hate it. He doesn’t seem to like solids being in his mouth and every feed is a massive chore. Like you I’m pretty laid back about it and we have no routine x

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