Counting my blessings

Woke up feeling super lucky.

It might be that I was up a lot in the night thinking about the horrible, horrible news that was announced.

I’ve just been and done the dishes, the water came out the tap hot. I ran two bowls even though there was barely enough dishes to fill one. I didn’t want to touch the soggy coco pops.

Without even thinking I flicked the kettle on, then I made a sickeningly sweet coffee and looked in the cupboards. Nothing I was hungry enough to eat so I’ll wait for my food shopping to be delivered later on.

While I was doing this my 3 girls are at school, they were late because I spent too long fixing their sparkly tutu dresses and putting glitter in their hair. The baby is sleeping in my bed in peace and quiet.

My luck is endless and my life is just cushty.

Everyone worries about their kids, but I worry their leggings look like they are riding up or their coats clash. Not that they might be killed in their beds or end up malnourished.

Problems are problems and if they are worrying you that’s important. But don’t get caught up thinking it’s the most important.

We have access to the entire world and it’s literally at our fingertips but I think the majority of us are guilty of not doing enough for others. I’m included here!

Please all have a lovely day and give extra big smiles to everyone you meet! (I’m going to try it on my grumpy postman, might even throw in a ‘ooh what a gorgeous day!’)

Nat Halfpenny

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