An Ordinary Day- Wandering in the woods

Half way through half term already, don’t the weeks go fast!

Today we had a really quiet day and Cherry was a bit under the weather, as the day went on though the girls got a bit crazy in the house so I decided we’d head out for a walk.

They all wrapped up like we were in the depths of winter but it really wasn’t that cold, they were so keen to wear their new knitted hats from Granny.




About half an hour in I realized it was a bit of a mistake as Cherry really wasn’t feeling her best and the others, sensing all my attention was on Cherry, started acting the mick. This resulted in Pepper getting a thorn and a splinter in the same finger which I had a nightmare removing in the fading light of the woods. All fun and games this Mum lark isn’t it?!

Jasper is now a competent walker, though he does fall a lot because he refuses to look where he is going. I thought this was a lovely moment between Pepper and Jasper, he had fallen and she was straightening his hat and helping him up.



I often think if we didn’t stop for ‘rests’ on our walks we’d be home again in a fraction of the time, but what’s a 5 minute lie down in the grass when you have all the time in the world?


I’ve included a series of snapshots featuring Jasper in this hat, just because.




The field behind our house is full of interesting things, like that upturned table and this bit of a tree. The girls carried it home and left it near the front garden. What a way to live huh? Can you imagine, seeing a tree lying abandoned and thinking ‘You know what I’ll take that home with me’. Kids are a trip.


I’ll leave you with this one of my little pals. How funny?

In this picture I think they look really similar in age.

They really are the best of friends and I’m glad, especially for Lola because she has always been a spare part where Cherry and Pepper are concerned.


The rest of this week we don’t have too many plans but that’s how I like it.

Half term is meant for pottering and feeling at a loose end I think.


Nat Halfpenny

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