Post-Christmas blues and Ill kids

We have still yet to get back to reality after the Christmas break. Or should I say we have yet to get back to the status quo of me being at home alone with the baby while the other kids are at school.

My poor little Pep was ill with a tummy bug on Tuesday, sprung up out of no where. So had to have the obligatory 48 hours off school. Wednesday she seemed to come down with an ear infection, so after a trip to the doctors she is now on antibiotics for that. I hope she’s better soon. She’s itching to get back to school and see her friends.

I’m glad she wants to go, I’m glad she’s disappointed when she can’t go. I fretted so much about sending them all to school (more about that another time) knowing they truly enjoy it really puts my mind at ease.


I had them all home today, Cherry wanted a bit of the limelight so was complaining of a sore neck. It seemed coincidental and an odd symptom to be experiencing but you never know. She’s a nosy parker so maybe all that neck craning has taken its toll.


Lola only goes to school until 11:30 so knowing I had to get to the doctors surgery as well I decided it wasn’t worth the hassle.

And of course we had little Jasper to entertain. I don’t know if its a developmental stage or if its his personality but he has a hard time being left to his own devices. Well, to be fair he can entertain himself, just at the moment he seems to hate the initial parting. If I try to put him down he clings to me and I feel like the devil trying to shake him off. Once his attention is taken by something he is fine. I can’t remember if the girls ever went through this.


We’re hoping to all be well for school tomorrow and we have our Nan’s 90th birthday party as well in the evening. The girls are so excited I hope they have a good nights sleep tonight and are rested to have a slightly later night tomorrow. They usually do okay at these things, it might help that they have never got into a particular bedtime routine so if we do go out its not setting them off track. I’m so annoyingly smug when people complain they have to leave events early to stick to the kids routine, knew our laziness would come in handy somewhere.

For now I am going to watch something ridiculous and trashy and have a glass of wine, a girl has to wind down after all!



Nat Halfpenny

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