Family Party.

I was wandering along the street this week and I was imagining that I was 90 years old.
I thought I’d probably be walking slower, if at all.
I wouldn’t be keeping a close watch on a skipping 4 year old (I bloody hope I won’t still be doing that when I’m 90)

Then I realized, how often do I acknowledge the fact I am 26. 26. Sounds like someone else’s age. 13,17, somehow they sounded more my age.
I’m the wrong side of 25 and on the slippery slope to thirty. (Hoping Scouting for girls reform by then and I can smile knowingly to ‘she’s flirty, turned 30, ain’t that the age a girl gets really..dirty’.

The passage of time is a funny thing, sometimes it seems you’re chugging along barely making tracks and then blink and years have passed by.

Overall I try to be positive about getting older, I try to remember it’s a privilege and be thankful for another candle on the cake.

Anyway, what got me thinking about this was this week our Nan (my other half’s Nan) turned 90.
And what an inspiration she is. She only stopped working in the last 15 years, she dolls herself up and still goes out 2 or 3 nights a week. She also smokes like a chimney and speaks every word that enters her mind.



To celebrate we had a good old fashioned family party.


As you all know, my favorite part of a party is the buffet (never ever invite me to a party serving canapes, I can’t imagine my face) and last night I had one of the best egg mayo sandwiches I have had in my life! My mum’s are amazing, mine are good but these were divine. I really can’t stop thinking about them. So that was a party highlight.


It was lovely to see all the family come together, including the birthday girls siblings, to celebrate.

The kids had a fantastic time. Luckily their cousin was there and my girls have a thing for ‘big’ girls. So she kept them entertained for the whole night. Jasper nodded off after a fun time trying to touch the disco lights on the dance floor and sampling some buffet food. Being toted round the entire building by Grandad like a trophy also tired him out. These proud grandparents hey!


It was really nice to just get out. Even if I did have all the children with me. It was nice to choose an outfit and do my hair and make up. I think I actually was more relaxed than when I have been out without the girls because I am always worrying about them when I’m not here, or worse being called to come home as there is an inconsolable child needing me! (Only happened once, but I will never forget).


In the end it was after 11 when we got in, which felt like a new and exciting time zone to be out and about. The girls still had loads of energy to play with the 100’s of balloons we collected, Jasper didn’t wake in the car or when I placed him in his cot and slept really well. He can go to parties more often! I did hope for a mammoth lie in, I got 8AM. Can’t complain I suppose. Better than 5AM.

Got lots of cleaning done today so looking forward to a nice quiet day tomorrow, hopefully this horrible rain will stop and we can go out for a walk.

I missed the new Mr Selfridge last night, did anyone see?! Contemplating watching it now!













Nat Halfpenny

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