Bye Bye Baby- Moving our 18 month old into his own room


We decided that the time had come for Jasper to leave the convenience of a cot at the side of our bed.

At 18 months he doesn’t NEED the hourly feeds (nutritionally I mean) and the more I thought about it, maybe the reason he eats barely anything throughout the day is that he drinks more milk each night than the rest of us put together have on our cornflakes in the morning.

If he is in another room the temptation to pull him across and tuck him in next to me is less. I have written before about his night time habits and it has got to the point where enough is enough.

He isn’t quite ‘on his own’ though, as he has moved into a room with his three sisters.

I hear you, four kids in one room? Really?

But the girls have always shared and I much prefer it to them being alone and I don’t think they would like it either. It’s just not what they are used to and neither am I. I shared a room with my sisters until I left home.

We plan to move to a bigger house in a few years but still I would keep the children in a room together.

I will share our set up and storage solutions hopefully this week, I think we have done really well because I was keen for their room to have plenty of space to play in as well as sleep and I think we are achieving that.

Anyway, onto last night.


Sam spent all day building the beds. Our original plan was to do it all while they were at school and surprise them but I’m glad we scrapped that idea, it never would have been done in time.

By 8PM everyone was exhausted so we tucked them all in and had tears from Cherry because the top bunk wasn’t what she thought it would be and she didn’t like it. Despite my reassurance she was perfectly safe she couldn’t settle, so Lola was promoted to top bunk.

Jasper is usually a star when it comes to going to bed but I think the change in room and the fact he hadn’t had a nap made it hard for him to settle and we had a battle to get him to lie down but eventually he settled and we said goodnight.

After the long day we’d had Sam and I couldn’t face putting our own bed together and decided to sleep on the sofa’s.

I must have fallen asleep watching TV but woke with horrible tummy pains and was sick. What brought that on I don’t know but it did ruin what could have been my best night’s sleep in nearly 2 years!

Jasper woke at around 1AM. I took him some juice and after some reassurance and a cuddle he lay back down. I honestly thought I would soon be back but to my amazement he settled back down without a sound.

I’m thrilled really. It’s only night one and it can only improve from here, but if it doesn’t I finally feel like at least we’re getting somewhere.

On the same note, what the hell have I been playing at for all this time?! I’ve obviously been affecting his sleep thinking I was doing the best for him by letting him in my bed. The truth is if I’d brought him in with me last night I would have had hours of fidgeting and broken sleep.

He woke again at 5AM which is his usual time for getting up. I felt really sick so Sam went to him, I told him to attempt to settle him back down but I don’t think he did. Maybe that can be the next step, increase his waking to a slightly later time but really I don’t mind that too much.

This morning the difference in Jasper is amazing. He doesn’t look tired! I can’t remember when he last woke up without that glazed look and puffy eyes.


All in all I am so thrilled with how the move went. Today we are putting the finishing touches to their room and sorting out our own. Probably another long day but like someones Mum probably said at some point, when it’s done it’s done!

Nat Halfpenny

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