Chirk Castle

Happy Friday!

Today is wet, windy and actually a bit cold.

I toyed with the idea of putting the heating on but can’t face it. Do you have a heating ban in the spring and summer months?

We don’t but I know people who won’t put the heating on until November whatever happens. I bet it saves some money but I’m not sure it’s practical with little kids that can’t keep socks on for more than ten minutes. I don’t enjoy ice cold toes prodding me on the sofa!

Yesterday it was glorious here. Despite the forecast telling us there would be clouds it was bright enough for us and really warm.

We decided to make use of our National Trust membership and got to Chirk castle. Chirk is just outside Wrexham, North Wales and looked like a lovely little place as we drove through.


Neither Sam nor I could remember if we had been before so it was an adventure for all of us.

We took so long deciding where to go it was nearly 1pm by the time we got on the road, one of my pet hates is not getting out and about early enough. I always feel like we have missed half the day.


We took a picnic that was eaten within ten minutes of getting there though there was a tea room/cafe in the castle grounds that looked nice. Though it was next to a little lawn area and their were kids playing catch with a tennis ball on there, I’d have been on edge the entire meal! If there is ever a ball hurtling through the air you can be sure it will hit me square in the face.



The girls made bat kites (kites that looked like bats, feel that needs more explanation) and then we headed up to the castle. There was a steep hill up to it but I think I saw a little mini bus going back and forth if it is too much for little legs.

The castle was amazing. As we reached the top of the hill the castle comes into view and looks absolutely breathtaking. I think the girls expected to be greeted by a princess or at the very least a prince but no such luck.








We wandered through the house spotting the toy wolves that were hidden around the building and then went to look at the dungeons which were fascinating! The walk down to the bottom was a little wobbly as they have all the original steps. Imagining walking down it without the help of the hand rail was crazy, I’d have been in a heap at the bottom if I’d been a criminal back then.






The gardens surrounding the castle were beautiful and Jasper loved marching around them but somehow always manages to be anywhere but the footpath. Had to rescue him from several thorny bushes and patches of nettles.







On our way out there were some dens and bridges made out of wood and branches and the girls had a fab time constructing and exploring the area.

PicMonkey Collage

Jasper tried to give me a heart attack by running around carrying dangerously sharp sticks, typical Mum phrase used: ‘You’ll have someones eye out!’.




After using the toilet facilities 324 times and dragging an on strike Lola a good few meters while she yelled ‘stop killing me’ we headed home.

As I said, today we are stopping indoors and trying to tidy up a bit as this weekend I want to FINALLY make a good start on re-painting most of the house. 5 years of grubby kids and it has not fared well at all. Wish me luck!




Nat Halfpenny

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