Erddig: A National Trust Property

First things first, my posting is non existent at the moment. There will be a recap of our antics sometime this week. Summer holidays and non stop aren’t they!

We are all finally free from illness and have had a good few weeks. At one point last week I was surviving at no sleep at all and things got hairy (including myself, who has time for pampering when EVERYTHING is going wrong?!) but all is peachy now.

This weekend we headed to Erddig, North Wales. It’s a National Trust property and we have just become members so used our passes to get in.

erddig 14

erddig 1

It is so worth looking at membership. For our family it is £9 a month, baring in mind an adults admission can be £10 the savings are amazing.

We are going to go at least once a month to explore somewhere new but somewhere like Erddig that is nearby we could find ourselves going there every weekend.

erddig 4

Erddig has so much to see and do, I can’t believe we hadn’t been before now.

erddig 17

erddig 13

I loved looking around the old house and found it fascinating. I think the girls are a bit young to really appreciate things like this yet, they liked learning what things were and hearing stories that the guides told but weren’t interested in reading the information (they can’t read but I mean listening to us reading it!) or looking at anything for longer than a few minutes. They loved darting from room to room looking for the little teddy bears that are hidden around and about.

erddig 2

Best thing about being parents is putting your baby in places and taking pictures of them.

You can’t take pushchairs in obviously because that would be a nightmare for everyone so Jasper had to be carried.

erddig 3


He just wanted to run about so didn’t enjoy that aspect but had a ball saying ‘Hi!’ and giving high fives to everyone we passed coming the other way.

Outside the gardens are spectacular. I’ve really never seen anything like it.

erddig 7

We spent a long time watching the fishes and ducks and then wandered around for a while.

erddig 5

erddig 6

erddig 11

I made a hobby of emptying gravel out of the girls shoes. When do kids toughen up and stop being whiny little imps?

The kids where really impressed with the play area, it’s made out of fallen trees with rope swings and things like that.

Jasper was absolutely thrilled with the carvings of wolves, they where amazing.

erddig 10

He was pretty adventurous and managed to fall about 2 feet from a tree trunk and bang his head. Whats a family day out without a dose of concussion?

We got a snack and some drinks from the little red van that sits in the play area, I wish I had got a picture of it, then relaxed in the shade before going for another run around the gardens.

erddig 9

erddig 8

erddig 12

Jasper constantly darted towards any open water, what is it with these fearless kids?! I am a bunch of nerves and Sam is so laid back and lets them go far too close for my liking.

By this point the girls where all getting tired so we had a good old round of tantrums before making it back to the car park and heading home.

erddig 15

Next time we will take a picnic and spend all day there I think and I would love to go just Sam and I and look at all the bits we missed inside the house.

Have you been to many National Trust properties? Any recommendations for us?


Nat Halfpenny

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