Everyone’s a shit Mum sometimes.

This week I had the day from hell, it was really really awful.

When I finally got all the kids to bed I wanted to write something but I just didn’t know where to start.

So I started rhyming.

For some reason that made it easier and the words spilled out.

I questioned back and forth whether to share it. With the encouragement of some other lovely bloggers I bit the bullet.

The response on Facebook has been amazing and I’m so glad.

Makes being a sometimes-shit Mum almost worth while!


When its nearly time for bed and you’re going off your head,

When the pots are in the sink and you’re feeling on the brink,
If the day’s gone on too long and everything’s gone wrong,
Remember, Everyone’s a shit Mum sometimes.

Some days just don’t sit right and everything’s a fight,
The dog’s been sick on the stairs, you’ve found 17 grey hairs.
The baby’s in a mess and you feel fat in your dress,
Remember, Everyone’s a shit Mum sometimes.

When your husband walks in the door, gives you a wink and says ‘Here, now, on the floor’
But you haven’t showered in days and memories of a bikini wax are a haze.
Remember, Everyone’s a shit wife sometimes.

When your feeling all alone and you’ve got no one you can phone
If it feels like you’re the only one and you wonder where you’ve gone wrong.
When a moonlight flit crosses your mind and you want to leave it all behind.
Remember, Everyone has a shit day sometimes.

Its not just you, you see.
Its her and us and me.
Its never going to be perfect, but I’m told its all worth it.
The ones who’ve been here before, your Mum, your Nan, that old wench next door.
Yep, they where all shit Mum’s sometimes.

Nat Halfpenny


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