‘Black cats and witches and stuff..’

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Making Halloween costumes seems easy but it really isn’t. When you go beyond black bin bags and a smudge of eyeliner beneath the eyes it starts becoming a true Halloween nightmare. Especially if you don’t have the correct craft materials and it gets super complicated when you are painting everything with blackboard paint that smells like it can kill you at 20 paces and takes 48 hours to dry.

Thankfully I live with an Engineer (don’t I know it) and he was on hand to quickly replace my worst efforts.

This year we had a Maleficent, Jessie the cowgirl and a dead snow white. Interestingly the most unimaginative and the costume that took the least work won the fancy dress competition. Go figure.

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This time of year has brought out the ghoul in my little 3 year old too. On Wednesday she was angelically sitting on my lap at a bingo fundraiser when out of the blue she pointed right at a particular lady and asked ‘Why is there a witch here and why is she looking at me?’.

In her defense I could see where she was coming from.

She asked the question again, whilst under my ‘SHUT UP, ABORT, STOP NOW’ death glare, before I could explain it’s not nice to comment on people’s appearance yadda yadda yadda. Before the end of the night my 4 year old popped into my lap and whispered into my ear ‘There’s a witch just behind you’. I was thankful for her discretion.

Obviously far too many Grimm fairy tales been read in this house, quick, back to Dora!

Nat Halfpenny

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