I believe in you.

12243469_788148874646590_1627423469412238431_nIn this modern world, bad things happen.

Through history, bad things happened.

Now, we live in a tiny world.

You can hear something from the other side of the planet in seconds.

You can see real time images through another persons eyes.

Sometimes the bad seems too close for comfort, we don’t feel safe as dreadful events unfold.

It’s too easy to give in to the horrors and fears.

It’s too easy to believe we’re next, how could we be safe?

So we protect ourselves.

We protect our children, it’s instinct.

And we teach them.

We teach them to fear the world.

To keep out of it.

To stay away.

Watch your back.

Be wary.

Imagine a world where the innocence of children is lost to fear. 

Imagine a world where their generous smiles are replaced by suspicious glances. 

Imagine a world where the easy friendships we envy become guarded and strained. 

We need to teach our children people are good.

There are friends to be made and adventures to be had.

Give generously.

Stand up for what is right.

What else do we have if not hope.

Hope that good prevails.

Don’t fear the bad, triumph over it.

Again and again.

I believe in good. I believe in you. 

Nat Halfpenny

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