Making the most of what we have- Our home.

As lots of you will know there are 6 of us in this family, 2 adults, 4 kids. Oh and the dog.

We live in a two bedroom house. Is it a squeeze? Yes!

At some point in the not so distant future we will have to move, it’s inevitable. At the moment though the children are all so small and don’t mind sharing a bedroom and not really having their own space. I’m sure this will all change very soon.

At the moment the 3 girls share the smaller bedroom and Jasper is in with us.

If you are a regular reader you’ll know Jasper still wakes up a few times a night and I think this is because Sam and I go to bed later, disturb him and he never really gets back into a deep sleep.

It’s time he moved on. The only option is for him to share with the girls, however in their current room it would be a real struggle to fit them all in.

So Sam and I will be moving into the smaller room and the kids will be having the big room.

I have been looking at ideas for a while and I think I have everything planned, its just putting into action now!

For the kids room we need to use lots of space saving furniture so that they actually have room to play and move around in there.

I have been scouring Pinterest and have decided on getting two Ikea reversible beds. Its meant to be used as either a cabin bed or a bed with a canopy but I have seen lots of instances where people use them as a bunk bed, they are more compact and not as high as other bunk beds making them more suitable for younger children, I think.

Another must have for their room is a really good blackout blind. They still struggle to switch off if there is any light in their room so its a must especially in these summer months while the evenings are so light if we want them to be in bed before 10pm! I have been looking at a company called VELUX and there are some great options.

For furniture I want to get pieces I know will last and also look super cute. I am spending more time than is healthy browsing the Great little trading company website. We will definitely be getting a gorgeous bookcase from there as right now all the children’s books just live stacked around the house. It will be great to organize them and maybe then they will get looked at a bit more!


There are some lovely accessories to be found on the high street and I’ll be having a root in Primark and H&M for all the little extra bits and bobs we need.

I can’t wait until it is all finished and the kids have a lovely bedroom they can play in and be proud of- Now just to decide what to do with mine and Sams room!

Do your kids share a room? Any space saving tips for me?

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Nat Halfpenny

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