Monday Memories


This Memory is coming to you from July 2013.

We all went camping at Shell Island, in North Wales. It was, I think, adventurous of us! We had no equipment, just a borrowed 6 man tent. Our youngest was not even one year old and the others had just turned two.

Luckily it was a stonking great heat wave and this made it an absolutely fantastic trip. If it had been cold and rainy things could have taken a turn for the worse. The kids were feral, we all sunbathed and barbecued and had a great time.

Shell Island always felt very magical to me because due to tide times there are parts of the day you can’t get on or off the Island. It’s not quite LOST but still, for an imaginative soul like me it does the trick. As the girls have got older we keep talking about getting an amazing bell tent and spending summer going up and down the country but we have yet to realize these dreams. Hopefully next summer will be the one. Although we do now have a baby again so that makes it trickier!

Do you enjoy camping as a family? Any top tips or must visit destinations for this novice?

Nat Halfpenny

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