New Year New Me.


I thought I would share my New Year’s resolutions with you!

I have been so rubbish at blogging for ages but I am seriously going to attempt to write something for every day of January.

January hey, where does the time go?!

  1. Give up drinking, it’s bad for me, it costs too much and do I actually like the taste of any alcohol?
  2. Don’t feel so guilty about drinking, I have a stressful life and deserve that small *cough* tipple at the end of the day.
  3. Wear more make up. Avoid being asked ‘Are you ill?’, every time I leave the house. Plus wearing make up will make me feel better about myself, therefore my mood will improve and I will be a better mother/person/candidate for the Nobel peace prize.
  4. Be a natural beauty. Invest in a good moisturizer and embrace my pale complexion and hooded eyes. I am more than my looks. Being less obsessed with my appearance will make me a better mother/person/candidate for the Nobel peace prize.
  5. Instill proper routine and discipline. Routine means everyone knows where they stand. There would be less friction if we all knew the order in which things where going to happen and also if Sam and I got on the same page when dealing with unruly behavior these things would soon be nipped in the bud and the house would have a more relaxed vibe.
  6. Do away with all routine in our house and stop trying to force discipline when it doesn’t come naturally. There would be less friction if our house had a more relaxed vibe. Discipline does nothing but coerce kids into shutting up and putting up and I’m raising free thinking anarchists don’t you know.
  7.  Eat clean. Fatty processed foods are so bad for me and I am sure my eating habits and reflected in my lack of energy, problem skin and general bad mood. Eating only fresh home cooked food is also a fantastic example to the children and will set them up with a brilliant attitude to food to take them through life. It’s all too apparent bad education in terms of food is a big big problem in society.
  8. Eat everything in moderation and feel no guilt. A little bit of what you fancy does you good. Also eating the things my body craves is sensible while I am not getting sleep and so tired all the time. Showing children such a relaxed attitude to food is a fantastic example and will set them up with the same brilliant attitude for life. It’s all too apparent bad education in terms of food is a big big problem in society.

So here ends my resolutions. What about you? Will you be making any? Do you think you will stick to them?

I don’t suppose we’d make them if we didn’t believe we had at least a chance of following them through would we. I think I’m in with a fighting chance of sticking to at least half of mine.

Happy New Year and thanks for reading! (Mum)




Nat Halfpenny


  1. My one and only resolution is to start doing exercise of some sort on a regular basis. This resolution is already making me hate 2016.
    Your resolutions seem a bit long. Might I suggest you cross off all the odd numbered ones? Xx

    • Hey you might learn to love it! Yeah lets face it, the only one I know I’ll stick to is my no guilt alcohol. I say as I down another wine…

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