Kids parties and why I love them so.


Kids Parties.

Love or Hate?

I know many parents hate them with a passion, especially at toddler age when it’s expected you stay for the duration of the party and dutifully supervise your child while they get high on sugar and run round on a highly polished floor in just their socks (Accident waiting to happen)

I don’t mind them. So I’ve made a list of my favourite things about kids parties.

1.Depending on mood/activities provided/trouble making kids present, your child can be kept occupied for a good 2 hours and for free. As long as you get the gift from home bargains between the food and the party bag you will without a doubt be up on your money by the time you leave.

2. If its a really good one you will get coffee made for you. You’ll also get to enjoy it hot, all being well with the points I outlined above.

3. Without a doubt the big reason I will never miss a children’s party is the buffet. When the Mum hosting comes round and tells the adults to help themselves they’ll wave away the plates and say ‘Oh no thanks Carol I’m fine’ but mark my words, when the kids go back to playing every one will be like a fly on shit buzzing around the sausage rolls and egg buttys.

4. I get particularly excited by a disco, now I’m a Mum I don’t have the chance to bust a move as much as I might like. I’ll hang back at first but will secretly be thrilled when the kids insist I need to join them on the dance floor. I feel like Beyonce when I remember all the moves to The Macarena and have a crowd of adoring kids copying my every move.

5. Turning up at a party I feel like a whole new woman, watch out people that only see me slightly sweaty and swearing on the school run, now you see the real me.

6. Parties  feed my nosy parker alter ego.Who are the parents we see at the school gates every day, who are they really??? It can be an eyeopener. The mum that you have never seen out of her business suit with a fully made up face and pristine hair shows up in a tracksuit with uggs on her feet. If you’re lucky a few parents might turn up with their previously unseen partners and you can have a good nose at them.

7. For people who like talking to other people parties can be an opportunity to get to know other Mum’s and Dad’s and maybe pave the way for new friendships. I always think it must be nice for the parents that don’t get to do the school run, enables them to put a few names to faces. Not for me though, please do not approach me.

Unless you have the sandwich tray.

Nat Halfpenny

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