Our Halloween and being a terrible blogger

Pinch, punch my loves.

November 1st, we’re on the countdown to my absolute favourite time of year. I’m already getting in the Christmas spirit, my Santa mug is out!

Yesterday was full of Halloween fun. The kids all dressed up and we headed out trick or treat-ing (or trickle treating if you’re five years old) and then headed to my Mum’s as she always does a party for them. dsc03327



In among us we had Rapunzel, a mermaid, a terrifying lion and a pink power ranger. Not the scariest of costumes but that’s what they wanted to be.





They got a huge amount of sweets and chocolate, I’m going to have no choice but to slowly whittle the amount down to a more acceptable pile.

Now, onto my next riveting topic of conversation.

Did you know that today is the 1 year anniversary of me setting this blog up?

I’ll pause while that blows your mind…

As I logged in this morning there was my little trophy, 1 year blogging.

I have only one question, how can I have been doing this a year and STILL be so bad at it?!

Am I flogging a dead horse?

I’m not talking about the writing, I like writing and if I had the time I’d be putting stuff out there all day long.

It’s the other side of blogging.

Take this post, I imagined I’d write a photo packed account of our day. There was Halloween themed food, the kids and Sam had great costumes, some of the houses we saw looked amazing. I failed to take a photo (bar the grainy offerings in this post) of a single one of them.

I’m crap at blogging.

But today is my day.

Here’s to one year of being crap, may many more follow.


Nat Halfpenny

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