Our Weekend #2



Merry Monday!

Here’s another thrilling account of my weekend.

It’s been a bit of a wash out and we actually did nothing. At all.

We’ve sat on our big lazy bums all weekend (bar Sam, he worked) we’ve eaten too much rubbish and watched far, far too much TV.

Saturday the kids and I had a big tidy up which was badly needed.

I made the most divine dinner that I forgot to take a picture of, we had fajitas and alongside that I roasted potato’s, mixed in some crispy bacon, sprinkled on grated cheese and baked that. It was so good, all the kids gobbled it up, as did I.


Saturday night Lola would not get into bed at all, she was up until 10:01 and then 10:05 Cherry appeared with a terrible earache.

No wonder the romance has gone out of my relationship, our only time together is squeezing past each other on the stairs.

(I may be exaggerating)

Cherry was really in a lot of pain so stayed up until she felt better, at which point Sam put a film on and she became engrossed in that. I left them to it and went to bed. Apparently the pair of them where up until 1AM.

The end of last week I was in such a horrible mood and just couldn’t shake it.

I am worrying about money which is always horrible but I felt it was more than that.

I was teary and short tempered and had that lingering sense of dread.

As someone who had Post natal depression I am always terrified of it creeping up on me again, though I’m over a year post natal now so unsure whether that would even be classed as PND.

Today though I feel absolutely right as rain, so it’s a mystery to me what brought my doom and gloom on.


Back to the weekend, yesterday it was my birthday!

21 again, who’d have thought it.

I had such a lovely day. I spent it in my pjs and ate two cakes (not all to myself) and lots of chocolates.

I didn’t lift a finger all day and the girls where so sweet.

They had wrapped up their own presents for me and taken money out of my purse to put in my card!

The afternoon brought torrential rain, it was absolutely bouncing down.

The kids went out to run around in it and get in the puddles, they were sopping wet.


I finished off the weekend watching Gavin and Stacey and eating Chinese food, we made the mistake of getting something neither of us had tried before and it wasn’t very nice at all. Rookie mistake! Stick to what you know.

And that is that really.

I can’t apologize for how boring I am, I love being at home pottering about.

Next weekend we’re off to a carnival and I’m celebrating my birthday with my friends so hopefully the next post will be more action packed.

Have a great week!




Nat Halfpenny

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  1. Worrying about money is the worst feeling, I find myself doing it all too often and have to remind myself I am happy, healthy and I have the things which matter to me. Money seems to still be something that we all need though and it is a constant bain of worry 🙁

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