Our Weekend #3

From the get go I will confess, I have lured you here under false pretenses.

I totally did not document our weekend, I have failed you all!

We had a lovely one, Saturday at a carnival and then of course Sunday was Fathers day so that was lovely jubbley, but I didn’t take any pictures so have nothing to look back on and write about. It’s all a bit of a blur (All the prosecco only partly to blame)

I went to pick up my camera as we were leaving for the carnival and I just could not be arsed. I couldn’t be fudged skulking around getting the best shots and asking the girls to look candid for the camera.


So I left it at home. Later on the house was a tip and this was only magnified by the camera’s snazzy little lens so I didn’t take any then either.

I wanted to commit to these posts so I am slightly disappointed in that sense but I really enjoyed just going out and about and not snapping away.

I guess about now you are all stark raving mad about this so hows about this, I’ll document a school day this week.

Shall we do Thursday? That gives me a few days to make myself presentable.

I wanted to write something tonight so this is just a little recap really.

I went out Saturday with my sister and my friend,had such a great night. Danced non stop and boy did my poor toes know it the next morning. Spent a lot of Sunday bribing my children to give me foot massages.

As an aside, we had 4..I repeat..4 takeaways this weekend. How is that even possible?

So this week I am committed to making home cooked food, with love, for my darling family.

Our trouble is we both love eating but hate cooking! Or at least I hate it at the end of a long sweaty day. Plus doing dishes at the end of the day is hellish and leaving them until morning is vile, though I do it and hate myself the next day.

I’ve done a huge shop today so we are all set for healthy budget meals.

I did it at Iceland as I have been seeing loads about their products lately from Channel Mum and things so was keen to go have a look.

I got some really nice bits, I might show a few meals I whip up this week.

I’m going to leave this ramble at that because inhonesty I could go on forever.


One more thing, today I found an exhausted Bee in my house. After some nursing (watching it drink sugar water was probably one of the most fascinating things I have ever seen) it buzzed its little wings and went flying off good as gold.

I felt like a boss afterwards, I hope he remembers me should we meet again.

Have a fantastic week each and every one of you.



Nat Halfpenny

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  1. Have a great week and nevermind being worried over documenting everything, you were too busy enjoying the time and that is how it should be x

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