Our Weekend #4

Hello there my lovelies!

Thanks for joining me yet again on my weekend recap.

I know I promised a big catch up on Thursday but I became so snowed under. I am sorry.

I am really not on my A-game when it comes to my schedule, I want to take blogging seriously and be consistent but I am very easily distracted. Even though I love writing, finding the time is hard.

This weekend was really lovely.

Weekend 1

As usual Sam worked some of it but that have me a chance to have a good tidy and the kids and I watched a few films and chilled out while it was raining.

On Saturday we headed to a nearby country park.


weekend 10

weekend 8


It was lovely, it wasn’t too warm but gloriously sunny.

The girls had a really good time exploring, I think they are at their happiest when they can let loose and do as they please.

We do enjoy going to different attractions but being wild and free is most definitely their happy place. Added bonus that getting out into the countryside is free and we have it all on our doorstep.

We went for a paddle in the river, Sam was far too adventurous and the girls had to copy him. I warned them all umpteen times they would get soaked but no one listens to me and before we knew it Lola had gone in. Up to her neck.

weekend 3

weeked 4

weekend 5

We had no spare clothes so Pepper sacrificed her hoodie and Lola wore that for the rest of the day. Perks of being short!


weekend 6

weekend 13

weekend 7

The trail wasn’t busy at all which was a surprise but nice for us.

There where so many dogs, dogs everywhere, we got talking to a man with a husky type and he told us how it had been rescued from a house that had kept 64 dogs in shocking conditions! I couldn’t believe it, I know you hear about these things but to see the dog now I was really moved by the story.
The dog (I have completely forgotten its name, I did ask and it was a pretty name but now it slips my mind!) had a lovely nature and put up with the girls fussing away at him.

weekend 17

So nice to see how well taken care of he is now and obviously has a good life.

We spent some time at the playground too.

To me the playground is for kids to run riot, I seldom tell the kids what to do or not do when they are at the park unless obviously they are harming someone.

I am not the kind of parent that insists on shadowing my children, telling them what to play with, how to play with it, how they should interact with other children etc.

weekend 21


weekend 20

The playground is such a fantastic safe place for kids to explore and develop new skills, in my opinion these things are best done when left to their own devices. But I completely understand that other parents might see me and think I lack interest in my kids and should interact more.

weekend 2

weekend 12

weekend 9

We finished off the weekend with a lovely roast dinner.

I haven’t made one in so long so it tasted heavenly and with the rain and the lazy day we had yesterday there was no better way to finish off the weekend.

How did you spend the weekend?

Nat Halfpenny


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