Going back a few weeks now, I walked the 5 minutes down the road to collect my eldest two kids from school. I had my 3 year old with me, the baby was with my Mum. As we got through the school gates we were met by a million fallen leaves, so what did we do? We ran through them! Of course we did, we’re only human. Up they went flying in all directions. We reached the school yard and I noticed a few of the Mums shooting glances towards my legs. Obviously admiring my snazzy tights/socks/pointed boots combo, knew it would be a hit.

Out came the hurricane that is twins leaving school at the end of a long day and we began our meander in the direction of home. As we reached the road a Mum I know only vaguely said as she passed ‘There’s a leaf on your tights’…

I looked down. Yep. Massive brown, dry leaf hanging from my tights. I removed the unwanted passenger and called a thanks to the hero Mum.

It dawned on me as I walked home that no one had been admiring my boots, or my tights, or my socks.

They’d all clocked the leaf.

No one had put themselves out there to alert me to the situation.

Good job I’m not the kind of person who worries about awkward moments, my life at this point is a show reel of awkward moments interspersed with fleeting instances of oblivious bliss.

Later on in the week I saw something on Instagram about women who don’t tell other women they have lipstick on their teeth and it is the exact same thing.

I suppose the intimation is these women hope other people will see the faux pas and their fellow woman will look unkempt, upping their own chances of being seen as a seamless goddess, lipstick firmly intact. By not telling me I had a leaf cluttering up my outfit maybe some women where secretly glad that my outfit was below par.

I’m sure sometimes this is the rather upsetting problem but for me I think more often that not it is a simple case of reluctance to put ourselves out there.

In. Real. Life.


We are pro’s at bigging each other up, congratulating each other and commiserating together when it comes in the form of likes or emojis or 140 characters. We do it all day.

Out in the real world though we’re floundering.

It’s all terribly British.

We can pass the time of day, exchange ‘Hello’s’ and polite smiles but actually letting our guard down proves difficult for many.

There is always that doubt too, What if the other Mum isn’t on the same sisterly wavelength? What if our olive branch is snapped in two and stomped under foot?

So what! Get out there and spread that sisterly vibe, its a ripple effect. What you go and do for fellow women today could inspire them to do the same for another woman tomorrow.

Having a leaf on my tights was never going to kill me, it didn’t really matter at all. But sometimes it does matter and we can have no idea how much of an effect these small gestures have.

Take a chance on a Sister, she might surprise you.



Nat Halfpenny

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