The Monster Under The Bed


For the most part I am happy with my life. I’ve got a good lot and most of the time I can see that.

However, we all have our bad days, days where we feel a bit off and a bit irritable for seemingly no reason at all.

Its on these days I can be a bit of a brat, a bit spoiled and entitled.

A bit of a monster, really.

With four kids I am well acquainted with monsters and the terror they can bring (especially at 9PM on a Tuesday when you dare to sit your arse down with a glass of something intoxicating) but this monster doesn’t live under the bed.

I’m talking about The Green Eyed Monster.

When I’m not feeling on my A-game I do that horrible thing where everyone’s lives seems better than mine.

I look enviously at Mums who have childcare and time to themselves when I can’t get 5 minutes to wash my hair, I curse the ones that seemingly have no money worries and head out for coffee dates and brunch and buy their kids matching summer accessories. I jealously watch the hustlers that manage their kids and a business and stick out my bottom lip that I can’t seem to get it together.

I’m the first one to admit, this behavior is ridiculous!

Envy and jealousy, though ugly, are very natural feelings, especially when you are feeling down in the dumps.

This morning I was having one of these green eyed monster moments when I had to laugh at the absurd things I was envious of, all I have to be thankful for and I want more?

I want five minutes to wash my hair, I want more money, I want it all.

No one can ever have everything and that’s when it hit me, maybe someone, somewhere is a bit envious of me sometimes.

Maybe they wish they could have 4 children, or a stable home of their own, or cupboards full of food.

Maybe they lust after my wardrobe, my make up skills or cunning wit (<less likely)

Continuing with the Jade theme, the grass is always greener on the other side.

Sometimes the grass is fake though, or heavily treated with a million different chemicals when no one is looking.

I bet someone some where only wishes they had my problems.

The point I’m getting at is, being happy with your lot is a skill and something to work towards.

Whether you have the house, the kids, the husband, the looks, the money, the brains, the body.

Embrace the things you do have and try not to fret over what you don’t.

I am going to try to take my own advice on this one and put that green eyed monster to bed for good!



Diary of an imperfect mum

Nat Halfpenny

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  1. I suffer with the green eyed monster quite a lot since being made redundant years ago. However, I have a nice house, we have two cars, we have two children (one of each), we live in a nice area, the kids are happy as are we and so whilst I may not be a model and I might not be rolling in it… things arent so bad I guess.

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