Time to Talk.

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February 4th 2016 is time to talk day. Time to talk day is led by Time to change, a campaign to end the mental health stigma in the UK.

Time to talk is a day for us to get out there and start talking about our mental health. Talk to anyone about it! Have a chat and then log it onto the map. What a fab way to see how many of us take the opportunity to talk about something I think a lot of people sweep under the carpet for as long as they can.

I make no secret of the fact I suffered dreadful post natal depression after I had Lola. Now anyway. At the time I didn’t feel I could speak to anyone. I felt that no one could possibly understand, I felt like I was the only one. I felt alone.

If someone looks a pit pale, has a cough or seems to be dashing to the loo an absurd amount of times we will ask ‘Are you okay? Bit under the weather?’.  We don’t do the same if someone is tearful, suffers mood swings or cuts themselves off from the world. We might comment to our friends ‘isn’t so and so acting odd lately’. The instances where we sit our friends down and say ‘Are you okay? Not feeling yourself lately?’ are just too few and far between.

These conversations can be life savers. To someone who feels alone in their world even the intimation of being noticed can help them open up so much more.

I only ever really opened up to the Health visitor. She looked at me for a moment and asked was I okay and tears sprang to my eyes because I knew she knew.

If you are feeling low or confused use today and make that step. Tell someone you know will listen.

Use today to start the conversation with a friend you feel might be struggling.

It’s time to talk.

So, reader.. Are you okay?

If you require a response please contact me via the email address you can find on the ‘Contact me’ section of this website. I reply to all comments but this can sometimes take several days. 

Nat Halfpenny

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  1. Great post. I hope that it helps people. Mental health affects so many people and yet still has a terrible stigma attached to it. I hope you got the help that you needed after Lola x

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