5 warning signs you’re raising Kick-Ass kids.

1.It’s in one ear out the other. I think one of the scariest things for me as a parent is the negative influence of others on their actions. I hope as they grow they have the strength to walk away from harmful situations, even if they are under pressure from their peers. To do this, they need practice. Yes, its maddening when you have asked for the 100th time for them to get their shoes on and they are practicing their superhero poses in the mirror completely oblivious. Being Kick-Ass means dancing to the beat of your own drum, even if it means ignoring your Mother sometimes.


2. They cannot play tidily. Don’t panic, creativity gets messy.

3. They get up to mischief. Or is it mischief? If we swap the word mischief to exploring, it doesn’t seem so negative. As adults we don’t see the joy in mixing shampoo into shower gel and covering a doll in the concoction, but for kids its thrilling. Look how the colors change when we add them together! Encourage the explorer in them. Maybe put the shampoo out of reach.

4. Questions, questions, never ending questions. We all know this is a good thing, curiosity is the reason they learn so fast. It can drive parents bonkers though! A saint would have trouble answering 100’s questions about the habits of next doors cat while trying to get out the door on time in the morning.


5. Anyone with more than one child will have witnessed their fair share of squabbles. And they just don’t.back.down do they?! The passion they have for their opinions, toys and even their favorite spoon is admirable. They’re not argumentative, they’re passionate!

All of the above are sure fire signs your kid rocks.





Nat Halfpenny


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