We were making memories… + Bambella designs car seat protector giveaway

It seems we have a new duty as a Mother.

Aside from cooking, cleaning, kissing grazed knees and chasing monsters out of the bedroom.

Now, social media would have us believe, we should be providing our little ones with plenty of opportunities to make memories.


Extraordinary memories, picture perfect and seamless.


A memory though is, surely, just something that sticks with us. Something that stays in our minds long after it happens.

Be it boring, scary, exciting, heartbreaking. Memories are being made every day.

My childhood memories, I can be almost certain, my parents put no thought into making them for me at all.

My memories of watching Casualty on a Saturday, sometimes on the black and white TV in the kitchen while eating a Chinese. The Sunday evenings I’ll never forget that Dad went for a bath, Mum did the dishes and we kids played blind mans bluff in the front room.


Please don’t get sucked into the trap of believing that you need to make their childhood something it isn’t, there’s tears, there’s shouting, of course there is. Its all being bundled up together in their little minds to make their childhood memories extraordinary just as it is, no effort required.

This past weekend was full of memories, all mundane.

We are STILL in decorating hell. I’ll stop mentioning it now. Until I tell you we are out of hell just assume we are still in there.

The girls are great at entertaining themselves so we do get quite a lot done if we put our minds to it.

On Sunday we were all getting a little stir crazy so headed to the park and then stopped at the pub on the way back for a drink.





The weather was really mild so was nice to enjoy one of the last days of Summer.

We have had lots of little adventures this summer and we are definitely fans of a road trip! In the car we have been using this fab Bambella Designs car seat protector.


Lola is (for the most part!) potty trained but can be prone to accidents and can NEVER hold on for a whole car journey. When using this we don’t have to worry so much as it is so much easier just to whip out the protector and wash that as opposed to the entire car seat cover.


The design is sweet and it has brightened up her car seat, making her keen to get in which is a nice change from the usual battle.


Bambella is a new company I have just recently discovered and they have lots of gorgeous items, providing solutions to lots of parenting problems.

If you’d like to know more you can check their Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

I want to give you the chance to win a Car seat protector for yourself, you can enter below… after you have read those pesky terms and conditions!

1. Competition runs until October 4th 2016
2. Winner can choose design from Bambella website.
3. One winner only.
4. Fulfilled by Bambella Designs.
5. I reserve the right to pick another winner if prize is unclaimed for 30 days or winner is found to have won through means of deception.

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Nat Halfpenny


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