Our Weekend #1

I hope the weather is as good for you as it is for us?
The sunshine has been so so nice and it is super duper warm.

Everything looks better in the sun, which is just as well as I am having a pretty stressful time at the moment.

Despite my very firm stance I would not go out to work while I had Jasper at home, it is actually becoming a possibility.

I obviously have dreams of making a living from writing, but at some point I think I have to face facts and join the real world, with all its 9-5 glory.

I’ll keep you updated with that as I go though.

Today I thought I would share a bit about our weekend.

Before I began blogging I would read Charlotte’s weekend posts on Write Like No ones Watching and loved them.

This one won’t contain as many pictures of delicious food or gorgeous interiors but hey, we can’t have everything can we.

So back to Friday.

Last week the girls where off school for half term so we basically had a long, long, LONG weekend in that sense but I still get the Friday feeling.

We pottered around the garden and the house until late afternoon.

our weekend

The girls have lots to keep them occupied in the garden, mainly mud, snails and the cardboard recycling, but we don’t have a lot for Jasper who would eat snails and mud and cardboard recycling if we left him to his own devices.

I remembered the sand and water table we got a few years ago was at my Mums so we headed over there to pick it up but actually ended up staying for a few hours and the girls had tea in the garden with my little brother (saying that I picture a gangling, gap tooth kid when really he is a 6 foot 14 year old)

We headed back home and found Sam home from work.

I set the table up for J and the girls went back to running around outside.

Sam and I ended up having a right ding dong because he wanted to sit in the front room on the Playstation with the curtains closed and I had hoped we would all have a nice evening in the garden. I know he had been at work all day and wanted to chill but why not chill with me?! I’M A HOOT!

We ended the discussion with, ‘Piss off’..’You piss off you selfish prick’… and I took the kids onto the fields behind the house to do some running races.


This entertains me so much more than it should, they are really competitive and watching them makes me laugh. As I have said before Lola lacks the natural athletic abilities that Pepper and Cherry have, but by heck does she give it a good go!

When we got back to the front of the house Sam was loitering around outside and our earlier spat had been forgotten. This is how we survive, we clash constantly but neither of us can be arsed to keep it going for too long and we live to fight another day.

Before bedtime we went back to my Mums to have a quick peek at my sisters hamster who had arrived for the week while my sister is away on holiday.

Friday night Sam and I split pizzas, for your information one cost £1 and the other £3.60 and there really wasn’t any difference between them. We started watching Catch Me If You Can which is one of my all time favourite films but I fell asleep on the sofa before the end.

Saturday Sam had to head to work until lunchtime so we planned to go to a local country park when he got back.



I cleaned the house and got the kids ready. They played in the garden for a bit and J went for a nap.


I got a text from Sam that he was going to be a few more hours and would probably be too late to go out. This happens all the time so I do expect it but I still get annoyed. I don’t drive so can’t really take the kids out alone especially as we live in the back of beyond and there is very little public transport (only just realized what a funny term that is!)

Jasper got up and we all had a late lunch during which Sam got home but as he had predicted it was too late to head out by then.


The girls often have friends up by the house to play with on the fields and I do encourage this however, as the girls are smaller than them I supervise from a distance. Lola can be a handful and likes to start trouble so I get kids constantly coming up to me saying she has done this or said that. If its between my own kids I can obviously tell them to hash it out with her/sit on her etc but when its someone else I feel like I should intervene. Anyone else feel this way?

It can end up being more trouble than its worth.

We took the kids over to the park but it was BOILING out and Sam and I weren’t in the mood for running around, we gave it our best shot but after an hour we came home.


On the walk back Pepper screamed non stop, she wanted carrying but we had the pram to push, 2 backpacks to carry and as is the case with kids, if you carry one they will all want carrying. So we had to coax her the entire way until we got to our road when I gave up and carried her along with the rucksacks and the pram to push (Sam had gone striding ahead with Cherry and Lola happily trotting alongside)

Lola decided to walk home in just her knickers, she thought she was cock of the walk until she saw a boy from nursery and began running around like a headless chicken trying to hide from him. I shouldn’t have laughed at her I know, but I did.


After turkey dinosaurs and 5 minute fries (I know you will be missing a picture of that culinary creation) they where all goosed.

After they where in bed Sam made us those naked noodles and added some chicken and we sat down to watch The Jungle Book, the new one. I don’t really know what happened because I fell asleep on the sofa. Spot a theme here yet?

Sunday we where all up late, we had my nephews birthday party to go to by the coast so got ready for that and due to the nice weather Sam had spent the morning telling me the A55 would be packed so we set off with plenty of time.


The car journey was torturous, so so hot.

The kids all fell asleep which they don’t really ever do, warm weather makes you so sleepy doesn’t it? It was actually quite nice because Sam and I never really have any time just the two of us to chat. An unconventional setting for a date but you gotta get your kicks where you can in this line of work.

The party was lovely and it was nice to see my sister, her other half and the kiddy winks.


Especially super squishy baby Oliver.


He is 5 months old and bigger than Jasper, who is a big 13 month old. I love him!!



The birthday boy!

The party venue was right by the beach so it would be rude not to go have a paddle. We all (bar Sam) went into the sea with not a care in the world, it slipped our minds we had no towels, no spare clothes and an hour to travel home (Sam repeatedly reminded me on the walk back to the car though, thanks Sam my little ray of sunshine)


It was pretty late on when we arrived home so we had dinner and the girls watched Kung Foo Panda. All too soon it was time for a bath ready for school in the morning.

Half term tested my patience at times but I love having the girls all home, being totally care free, not having to worry if their hair is tidy or their clothes matching.

I was so tired I did plan on heading straight to bed. Lola had other ideas and appeared downstairs every few minutes for an hour and a half.

Usually we would just give up and let her stay up but I really feel when she is going to school she needs to get to bed at a reasonable time. I probably didn’t help by letting her stay up late every night of the holidays but Pepper and Cherry manage to roll with the punches.

Poor confused Lola.

Once she was settled we started watching Austin Powers, I forget which one, but I fell asleep before the end. Shocking to hear I know.

And just like that it was all over.

I hope this post wasn’t too boring, its our fantastically ordinary life though and sometimes its nice to share things that we can all relate to I think.

The times where not a lot really happens, the bits where you and your other half are at loggerheads and the bits where its all a bit of a snoozefest but lovely all the same.

What did you get up to this weekend and where you glad for the return of school this morning?






Nat Halfpenny

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  1. Glad to hear that things seemed to go well despite your partner being awkward x Sometimes men just dont get it do they?

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