Weekend Post-Ty Mawr Country Park and bad dogs (or bad dog owners)

This weekend we headed to Ty Mawr Country park, which is near Wrexham.


Somehow both Sam and I have managed to never have been before despite living just down the road.

Sunday seemed to disapear in the blink of an eye so we didn’t arrive until nearly 4pm which was a shame as it would have been lovely to spend the day there.

There was so much to see and the walk was lovely, the route we took was paved right the way round which was great as we had took the pushchair incase Jasper got tired, he didn’t but he did get a bit crazy and need to be restrained after his third attempt to jump into the river.


What impressed me most was the animals, in the past we have paid something ridiculous like £8 each to see the same animals. I was expecting some sheep and maybe a chicken but there were goats, lamas, pigs, donkeys and lots of little animals which I didn’t actually see because dogs (understandably) weren’t allowed in that part of the park.

I didn’t get many pictures at all because of Jasper’s escapades but we will go back soon and hopefully I’ll get a lot more.


There was a little tea room and shop, a visitor centre with lots of information and toilets with baby changing at the entrance though these were all closing because we were so late arriving. The car park was open until 5 though so we had a nice walk before having to head back.

I was a tiny bit irritated on our walk, not by anything to do with the park, but by a fellow walker. Now, to give you some background, our dog Lexi is lovely. She is friendly with everyone and everything (though was too scared to get near the pigs yesterday, think it was the grunting) but sometimes can be a little enthusiastic and we are mindful that not everyone is a fan of dogs, so when we go somewhere like this she stays on a short lead the entire time.

We were walking along and Pepper was holding the lead about 2 metres ahead of me when two adults and a dog appeared in the distance. I told Pepper to stick to the one side of the path with Lola and Cherry walking closely behind. The other walkers where aware of us for 2 minutes before we met on the path and continued to walk with their dog off the lead. As they passed and the two dogs were parallel Lexi turned her head and sniffed at the other dog.

I don’t think I have ever seen anything like the reaction she got. It was like something you see on the dog whisperer. The dog completely flipped out and the woman it was with got a hold of its collar, thankfully, and dragged it away. The dog had been less than a foot away from 3 small children, I dread to think what would have happened if it had got hold of any of them, including Lexi.

I was just so mad, why was the dog ever off lead? If it was that reactive why wasn’t it on a lead and muzzled? There where small children and dogs everywhere. The fact that she didn’t make a move to secure the dog when she saw us baffles me, she must have known how it would behave when meeting another calm, non-threatening dog.

I ended up yelling at Pepper when she had done absolutely nothing wrong but she just happened to be holding the lead at that time. It put a dampener on the walk after that but no lasting damage I suppose. Sorry to rant but I just had to share this less than happy part of our walk.


The girls had a play on the park which was a really nice one with lots of equipment for children of different ages and then we had to leave.

As I said we would have loved to spend longer there and if you are in the area I would definitely recommend going, I think it will become a firm favorite.

Nat Halfpenny

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