Well , sod this for a game of soldiers

Terrible goings on, came here to post my ramblings on my trip to see Jersey boys last week only to find the draft didn’t actually save and all my hard work was lost.

I’ll have to rewrite it so for now you can have ramblings of a different sort.

This week has been a right one.

I just could not be bothered. Everything has been too much work.

I don’t know, is it the point of absolute exhaustion?

My hair hasn’t been brushed, I can’t fathom what I smell like and my dealings with the poor kiddy winks and other half have been dreadful.

I woke up this morning a woman on a mission, so I spent the day getting the place tidy(er), I played on the floor with my squashy little baby and made a good tea. I went to my Mums and I just jabbered away, it makes me feel better and there is something about being there that comforts me.

When I get too ‘Mum’ and start stressing about stupid things I pop round and I’m 15 again. Making too many references to The Royle Family and pretending my Dad’s not funny.

Tomorrow I’ll get up at 6 and wash my hair, put on make-up and things won’t be so bad.

Is there a saying that goes ‘things need to fall apart to come together properly again’?

It rings a bell and that definitely rings true to me.

photo 1 (2)

That face.


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  1. Oh bless you. I think we all have tough weeks. It sounds like you have your hands full. Things do get easier my kids are 5 & 8 now & you start to get a little more time. Good luck with the hair washing & make up ☺

  2. Don’t worry we all have bad days or weeks I’m sure you will be feeling better soon great honest post thanks for linking to the Binkylinky

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