First day of school

And so it’s here
Today’s the day
You’re off to school and what can I say?
Just a blink ago you were snug in my arm
Look at you now, all your charm
You learnt to talk
(And talk back too!)
Will there ever be anything you can’t do?

You’re going in now so I’ll say goodbye
Forgive me if I’m not the Mum who will cry
I’ve spent 4 years holding your hand and watching you sleep
But I’ve always known, you were never mine to keep.

When lunchtime comes go get your bag
The day will fly by so fast but believe me now
The memories last
As you head out to play remember all you’ve been told
Kindness and a smile, they never get old.

After dinner back in class
Don’t eagerly wait for the minutes to pass
Absorb every moment, every minute, every bit
Adventure’s what you want and I’ll tell you this is it

You light up my world, you’re wild and you’re true
No one else can compare to you
Ruffle some feathers and make a noise

I can hardly wait for the stories you’ll tell
It won’t be long now ‘cos here’s the bell

Get your things and say your goodbyes
Seek me out with sleepy eyes
What a big day! What a fun time!
I’m here now, again you’re mine.
I’m proud as punch of you today.
Look at you, you’re on your way.

Nat Halfpenny

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