The Rabbit who wants to fall asleep: Review

I wrote a few weeks ago how I was excited to try out this new concept in bedtime reading, as a solution to our nightmare bedtimes. With four children under 5 years old things can get hectic pretty quickly and we struggled to get them to wind down before bedtime.


If you haven’t heard of the book it is written by Carl-Johan Forssén Ehrlin, a behavioral scientist with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. The book uses keywords and tone of voice to encourage children to drift off to sleep.

Also included are some cues for your child to ‘loosen up’, let their body relax and focus on how they are feeling.

We dutifully read and re-read the parents instructions at the front of the book and tried our best not to giggle when my ’emphasizing’ tone turned out to be more ‘demon’.DSC02243

We began using the book this week. First off, the girls were more eager to go to bed once shown ‘The special bedtime book’. So thumbs up so far!

Once they were all tucked up we found our usual problems when trying to use books and stories to wind down, the inevitable questions. Why? Who? Where? How? There isn’t a story in the world that goes into enough detail. After being told to just listen a few times they did all settle down and seem to relax as we read the calming phrases.

My children enjoyed the book and look forward to reading it, hopefully not just to laugh at Mummy’s silly voices!


By page 5, we had success. Cherry (4) was fast asleep. Which I was pleased with. Although she is the first asleep usually as well, it had been without battles, tears or bribes.

Lola (3) and Pepper (4) were not so easily coaxed to sleep. By the end of the book they were quiet and calm, but not asleep.

I was slightly disappointed as I had fully expected the girls to be flat out before we had got near the end of the book, but every child is different and maybe when we have used it for a few more weeks they will get used to the rhythms and sleep will come sooner for them.


We were able to leave the room and they drifted off to sleep within a few minutes.
We are very used to holding hands until they fall asleep, making repeat trips back and to with drinks and doing toilet dashes. Anything they can to delay actually sleeping.
The book definitely seemed to help them settle.

Will we continue to use the book? 

Yes! I will continue to read the book. It helped the girls so much to calm down and get ready for sleep. Anything that contributes to stress free bedtimes is a success to me!

Though I was sent this book for the purpose of review all opinions are my own. 

Nat Halfpenny

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