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We are now into week 4 of the holidays, these things fly by don’t they!

3 weeks or so to go and this year I’ll be saying ‘tata for now’ to three of my little ones.

I’m imagining my days with only one (still daytime napping) baby and its blowing my mind.

I’ll have to take up a sport or set myself weekly challenges like learning to crochet or mastering the rubix cube.

This week has been gloomy, slightly rainy and very tiring.

For the majority of last week Jasper slept very little, I was exhausted. I can cope with broken sleep ok, its not my favourite but I can manage. No sleep though is killer for me. I was emotional and moody and that’s not nice for anybody!

This week he is back to sleeping 2 hours or more at a time so I feel so much better.


Here’s a shameless selfie for you, but I have finally got my hair to the white shade I have been chasing for so long. I was tempted to do a little ‘how to’, would anyone be interested?

I was all ready for my uncles wedding party here, it was fantastic. He basically held his own festival and everyone had a great time. I wish I’d got more pictures but I’ve been neglecting the camera, trying to get back to it this week.


I did get this one of Sam and Jasper. How adorable are they. You can tell Jasper was flagging by this point but he did really well and ran around with the rest of the kids for hours before he fell asleep in his pram.


At the beginning of last week we went to visit my sister, I admit mainly to see her new kitten. I’m not a huge fan of cats, they are so unpredictable it sets me on edge. I can cope with a kitten though as long as I keep my distance.

To get there we had to go on the bus and its about 40 minutes, I had worried they might all act the mick and run about on the bus but they where really calm. Lola sat at the window and didn’t move an inch the entire time.

Likewise the walk through town to my sisters house was lovely, it was when we arrived the fun started. They acted like caged wild animals. They where in every cupboard, every room, fiddling with everything they could reach. Are all kids like this? I’m sure I’ve seen kids that visit other peoples houses and sit uncomfortably close to their Mother looking like a rabbit in the headlights the entire time. How do I achieve this?

So the above picture was taken in the car on the way home. I was frazzled.


How adorable is my little boy. He is a ball fanatic. I tell you, he can spot a ball a mile off and can play with them for hours. I think Cherry was the same.


We had some really lovely days weather wise this week. We spent most of it at the park.


I did take the kids on a little adventure that I imagined would be a ramble through the countryside discovering things and having a great time, it didn’t quite turn out like that between the darting off and tantrums and cries of ‘I’m too hot’ and ‘My legs hurt!’.


It was my legs that were hurting later on though. Lola ran off down the street when I told her it was time to come in and as I went after her my legs went from underneath me and pain shot up through my legs into my back. I managed to collect them all and get them into bed before collapsing into the bath with a glass of wine.


By the next morning I was fine again but I am worried that this might be it, old age already!


This weekend we headed to Erddig which is a local National trust property. You can see all the pictures here if you like.

Jasper was so thrilled with these wolf carvings. He spent a long time stroking and hugging them. They where carved from fallen trees in the woods. How amazing!



As always the kids have been loving the warm evenings and I try to let them make the most of it. I have so many memories of playing outside long after bedtime until my cheeks got chilly and then having a lovely warm bath before heading to bed completely exhausted. I adore seeing the girls do the same, knowing one day they will look back on these times as I do.



So that’s our week in Instagram pictures.

This coming week I should probably start to get their school uniforms organized. Thinking of the cost is making me sweat.

Any tips for bargains?




Nat Halfpenny

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