Monday Memories…

This is something I’m thinking about doing every week.

As a mum of 4 and a bit years standing (thank you, thank you, you’re too kind…) I have a lot of experiences and memories I have never jotted down and some of my madcap adventures might just help another mother of a tribe of unruly toddlers feel ‘this too shall pass’ and most importantly help you see its not just you these things happen to, everyone has their share of wayward peeing and pooing.

Show me a mother that hasn’t at some point made it to the sanctuary of home, slammed the door, slid onto the bottom stair and wept tears of anger and frustration and relief and I’ll show you where she keeps the vodka and Valium.

What I’m getting at here is, being a mum, ‘motherhood’ if you will, is a journey and a very steep learning curve. I am still clueless most of the time, I range from eerily calm in the face of adversity to screaming, shaking, spitting chaos and I couldn’t tell you which I prefer. But I get through every day, and every day is good.

When the kids are tucked up in bed and I look at their faces I only recall the happy moments of our day. I convince myself they do the same. (Although I hope they don’t creep into my room and watch me sleeping, that’s some horror movie shit right there)

So my memories I will share, my soul I will lay bare.

After all that, today’s look back is completely uneventful! But lets ease ourselves in gently.


One of the things I have never got used to is the gushing from other people, largely strangers, on the realization I had/have so many toddlers. I never felt like I was doing anything that crazy when I had my 3rd daughter whilst my twins were still only 13 months old.

Pictures like this though bring it home how small my ‘big ones’ really were. I think if someone asked me now to watch their 3 kids under 14 months old I’d be seriously doubting my capabilities. My bundle of four can be a handful now but give me backchat over undecipherable screaming any day.

As mothers we constantly rise to the occasion whether we believe we can or not, we walk where others daren’t ¬†and we take on battles that would make strapping great men quiver in their boots.

Memory Monday this week is a celebration of how far we have all come, and how far will we go. The adventure, I feel, is just getting started.

Nat Halfpenny

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