Not a Pinterest Mum- Yet!

We’ve all done it.

You see something on Facebook or Pinterest and wow, it looks amazing.

Some fantastic glitter encrusted craft or an absolutely divine looking ‘food hack’. They make it look so simple.

Against my better judgement and despite being totally aware all my past endeavors had ended in tears I decided I would have a go at Nutella stuffed pancakes.

I shared the video clip on Facebook, people got excited. I looked forward to showing off my culinary masterpiece later in the day.

First off whilst purchasing my supplies I forgot to take any form of payment with me to the shops, so my kitchen feats where postponed for a few hours.

Once I had all my ingredients and equipment assembled I began.

Feeling like a glossy haired, caramel tanned goddess of a mother that seamlessly switches from trendy glamour-puss to homely girl next door with a knack for baked goods I smeared Nutella onto a baking sheet and placed it in the freezer.


The Nutella seemed to disappear pretty quickly, which was odd.


The instructions said 30 minutes but I thought, err on the side of caution, give it four hours.

Once we were ready for the pancake goodness that surely awaited us I made up the batter using my 3 trusty ingredients.


Spooning the batter into my seen-better-days non stick frying pan things looked good, the Nutella discs where good to go and as I placed one into the centre of the batter as instructed I had visions of the accolades this could bring, had I missed my calling as a food blogger after all? Time would tell.


Suddenly and without warning the Nutella began to melt at an alarming rate.

They hadn’t said this would happen.

I quickly tried to top the pancake/Nutella with extra batter but it was too far gone. In a last ditch attempt at something artistic I swirled the chocolate spread into the batter but this just resulted in it catching and burning.


I know where my mistake lay, the batter was too thin. THICK batter we needed. The American pancake kind, not french crepes!

I handled it as best I could with five hungry eyes on me and spread the remaining pancakes with Nutella. No stuffing, no freezing and melting.


And then I realized, I only like my pancakes with lemon and sugar. And the french crepe-y ones are actually the best. So I shut down Pinterest and cracked open a cider.


One day Pinterest me and you will have our day. And what a day it will be.


Nat Halfpenny


  1. I saw this video yesterday on Facebook too and wondered how easy it actually would be to make, I’m glad I didn’t bother! In the end I just stuck to my usual pancake trick of adding water to a ready made mix, perfect!

  2. I would have eaten those pancakes! Everything I bake is hideous, but I don’t care because it usually tastes great and that’s what matters! #coolmumclub

  3. Ha ha, your pancakes are almost as rubbish as my cake today (you can see it for real on instagram). I’m thinking of starting a new hashtag #366daysofreality
    Thanks for linking this wonderfuly REAL parenting post with #coolmumclub

  4. Oh I don’t know how those Pinterest mums do it! It’s so hard to get food looking great – I think the serious ones have special photo booths for taking pictures. It’s a network I’d like to grow this year but it’s not an easy one! Your pancakes look fab & my kids would adore them!! #coolmumclub

  5. Hahaha this post made me chuckle! I wouldn’t classify myself as a food blogger but I do like to post the odd recipe. Oh how many times things have drastically failed resulting in me being left without my blogging material. I’m also terrified of Pinterest. Everything looks so perfect and I don’t feel worthy x

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