School daze

Monday musings!

This is actually the last week that Pepper and Cherry will not be school children.

For possibly 15 years!

While I am so thrilled for them to have all the experiences that school brings all my original reasons for unschooling still stand.

Selfish or not.

Lots of parents worry about school but I’m not worrying that they’ll play alone at break or they’ll struggle with the work.

I’m absolutely petrified that starting school is the slippery slope to wanting to fit in.11375258_542549279233868_1288644305_n(1)

I can’t fathom the amount of negative and harmful viewpoints, opinions and situations they might encounter.

Good job I know first hand how bloody stubborn they are if else they wouldn’t go at all!

I can’t face next week, emotional wreck!

Nat Halfpenny

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