Kids birthday ideas! Cardooo Cards- Review.

I don’t know about you but since my children have started school it seems like we are heading out to a different birthday party every week. Sometimes two a week!

I really enjoy seeing them have fun with their friends outside of school so we definitely love going along to all the birthday bashes.

One downside is the never ending supply of gifts you need to keep the kiddies happy. It isn’t just the cost that mounts up, trying to be original and not duplicate on gifts is really tricky!

Recently I discovered Cardooo Cards and I don’t think I will have this problem again. They are fantastic!

cardooo cards

Cardooo cards are much like the traditional greeting card, they come with an envelope and space to write a personal message. They have fun and colorful pictures on the front that kids will love. Unlike traditional cards just inside there are pages of activities and stickers that children can have hours of fun with.

cardooo cards

Pepper, Cherry and Lola recently had the chance to try Cardooo cards for themselves and they were a big hit!cardooo cards

They spent a lot of time coloring in the different pictures, all princess themed of course! Next they had a blast using the stickers to create a fun scene, here they got very imaginative which was so much fun to see.

cardooo cards

The girls were thrilled to find they could construct their own dice to use with the pull out board game. I was impressed how they matched up the numbers in order to fold it correctly and they then spent a while playing with that, although I think Lola was a little unsure of the concept and seemed to get 20 on the dice every time, maybe a game for next year!

cardooo cards

Cardooo cards

Cardooo cards

They were entertained for a good few hours and I was seriously impressed.

Cardooo cards are such good value for money at £3 a card. A tad more expensive than your average birthday card but I would definitely give these to the children in my daughters class for their birthday gift and card rolled into one.

I think it would be a good idea to stock up on the cards and always have one handy for the last minute party invites, I know I will be doing this.

You can get them from Asda and also buy online.

I was sent the Cardooo cards for the purpose of review, All opinions are my own. 




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