Creamy Carrot and Coriander Soup


Happy hump day!

November has well and truly arrived, I am so chilly!

I love lots of things about the colder months but most of all I love all those winter warmer meals. I’m a big comfort eater and when it comes to autumn and winter lunches I can think of nothing better than a big bowl of steaming soup.

I go through phases of eating the same one over and over (not entirely through choice as I’m the only one who will eat it a lot of the time so I have to finish the entire batch myself!)

This is my favourite right now.



I started making Carrot and Coriander soup last year but this week I have perfected it and I am hooked.

I don’t know the usual recipe for this soup because I just make things up based on what I think should go in there, so this may be the run of the mill recipe I am gushing over or it might be a complete game changer.


What I like most about it is how creamy the soup is and at the same time very light and zesty, helped by the huge bunches of coriander I add, I’m sure.

Also, because I am a ‘bung it all in’ cook there is no weighing. Instead I worked out a genius system (ahem) so you can tweak the quantity of soup without losing your mind over how much of everything you’ll need.

I’d say these measurements make enough for 3-4 people.

You’ll need:

1 cup of dry red lentils

2 cups of water

2 cups of carrots chopped into 1cm rounds

Vegetable stock cube

A big bunch of coriander, stalks and all.

Salt & Pepper

So first bring the water to the boil and add the stock cube, give it a mix and add the carrots and lentils. Bring back to the boil then turn the heat down to a simmer. I’d say give it a good 20 minutes so the carrots and nice and soft.

At this point a lot of the water will have been absorbed by the lentils, I don’t add any more as I like a really thick soup but you can add more though I’d suggest doing this at the end, always easier to add than take away should you make a mistake.

I now take it off the heat and add the coriander. Stir it in and you will see it begins to wilt. If you are adding salt and pepper do that now too but remember to taste as you go.

I use a hand blender to whizz it all up, I got it for £4 in Asda about 5 years ago and it is serving me well! As you blend it you can taste and add more seasoning/water if you think it needs it.


That’s it.

Very simple and very yummy.


Nat Halfpenny

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